Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The Site That Keeps On Giving

Am I lucky, or what?

Nah, I think Evija and Graham, the Owner/Admin of Over the Rainbow Mailer,are just plain kind, and sweet.

I mean, I was about to go to bed after a day's work, only to find -- to my great surprise -- that they had awarded me with a "Random Cash Payment" directly to my PayPal account, even as they have been giving us members rewards quite often every day, depending on our input, too.

You see, all I do is mail, put in my ads, read other members' mails (for they've got cool stuff, too!), click the banners and text link ads, follow instructions, and promote their site.

It's my form of unsolicited marketing.

I just do the work, I guess.

Still, my quirky experience in marketing has been that sometimes, some surprise shows up, even if I thought I had not really done anything.

That's the irony of things, plus, of course, I got into the company of great owners and admins who probably see I do some work, too.

I was admin of two sites once, and I do know the work in the back office.

All I know is, if I like a site, and I feel its great potential, I start joining and promoting.

I take the initiative when I believe in a program that looks sound.

Of course, I do a lot of research, and put in the time, for I must test things first before I share it with everyone.

Well, Over the Rainbow Mailer is exactly what I thought it would be -- an awesome mailer with an amazing owner and admin in the person of Evija and Graham.

Let this article be my way of thanking them for appreciating my little efforts, too!

I've been working with Spirit, and I've lost all obsession with money.

And again, maybe that's the irony.

Don't focus on it, and it will come to you -- as Spirit sees fit.

Just do the work that needs to be done.

I've always believed that marketing is give and take.

Not fun if one does all the taking, and I sure am not comfortable doing that.

If anything, true marketers give beyond the norm.

It's true what I felt about this mailer -- I knew there lay a pot of gold at the end of its rainbow.

And to think I've just begun marketing this mailer, and I had already found a pot of gold in mid-stream.

If you're looking for a well-run mailer, with great potential for advertising reach (for there are many well-known marketers on board), and promising returns, you've got to join us, too!

Click this link, and do so now!

For starters, you receive 250 credits, 250 banner ads, and 250 text link ads.

That ought to propel your initial mailing and advertising.

Oh, and use the Promo Code Rainbow for more bonus credits and ads.

P.S. Take the 3-day FREE JV upgrade recommended by Evija and Graham. This will maximize your membership, and potential for earnings, and promotions. Such generosity must be put to good use!

I also thank the Admins for the lovely image I borrowed from their site to use here.