Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The Hip Marketer

When will I ever stop?

You know, like working, creating, inventing?


Coz I'm the Hip Marketer, the one who keeps going, no matter what.

Till there's life in my body, I'll keep working, and finding many ways to give service to all, only because:

I am powered by the Holy Spirit.

How else can I keep at this game of life all this time?

When you're aligned with the Holy Spirit, you're like a never-ending source of ideas.

I was born full of ideas.

Other people think I'm full of, never mind.

With the HS, I've become even crazier.

Like, I've got enough blogs to last me a life time, but no, I had to create this one.

Even as you're still regurgitating the last one.

It's been in my heart for a while, so had to create it.

And that cool dude with the briefcase, and spring to his step, had to be my image model.

Oh yeah!

The world can have their slick, botoxed models.

This dude's perfect for me!

Been using him for almost all of my online marketing now.

There's something about that spring to his step!

I first discovered him on 10 April 2020, for another blog.

After that, there was only a looking forward with this happy dude.

One look at that age-worn, happy face, and I knew he represented the spirit of my soul.

Huh, is there such a phrase?

The spirit of my soul?

Hmm...let me think about that.

Just came out on its own, you know.

So, anyway, what's this new blog about?

I'll share with you all I learned about marketing -- online and offline.

I may even share stuff about retail, design, entrepreneurship -- all the stuff I've been into.

I'll also give you cool ways to advertise online -- for FREE!

I'll even give you writing and communication tips.

I'll make things really easy for you -- for you deserve it.


Okay, just click whatever links and titles there are around on this blog, for they'll take you places.

But first, let me create them.

And speaking of places, I better take you to a place where you need to be transported right now.

Some out of this world places, where you can show off your marketing.

Might as well wow the aliens!

Head over to the next post, then!

See ya!