Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Terra Firma FREE Advertising

Granted that you prefer being grounded, here are FREE terra firma advertising for all your mails and promotions!

Sign up, confirm your e-mail address to activate your membership, and put in your ads.

Promote the admins' sites, too, for marketing is give and take.

Click the links below to view the sites, and join whichever you like!

Just so you know, Spirit and I only choose sites where admins are kind, generous, non-demanding, and their sites rock, and are super-easy to navigate.

Each site's different, too.

You can mail ANY time, or every few days, or so.

Check these!

1. Results Mailer
2. Linda's Free Mailer Plus
3. Bigmailer
4. Boxes of Traffic
5. Jones-Fritz Marketing
6. Over the Rainbow Mailer
7. Aquarian Mail
8. Edwin's Viral Mail Express
9. Instant Business Mailer
10. World Traffic Mailer
11. Atlas Safelist
12. Tezzer Mail
13. Rodeo Mailer
14. The Money List Mailer
15. Mail This List
16. Love My Adz
17. Ads For Marketers
18. Pizza Safelist Mailer

Your mailer/surf site not here?

Doncha worry, I've got you all covered.

If this crazy hip marketer's a member of your site, you can be pretty sure I've got you all lined up.

Un momento!

Next posts will feature other themes.

That's my surprise for all of you owners, admins, and marketers!

Partly, to THANK all of you for reading my posts, and for suffering alongside me, as your member.

Now, lemme work on them.

Next post is on FREE JV mailers.