Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Non-Terra Firma FREE Advertising

Terra firma means on dry, solid ground.

But I'm offering you space-themed advertising.

So, make do with Non-terra firma, yes, for want of a better word.

Even writers and marketers get stumped sometimes.

But the intention's sound.

I want you to take that transport and get your FREE advertising, and mail away!

Or just put in your banners and text link ads.

Do what you normally do.

I'm merely giving you a few vehicles here.

Here are the places you can advertise for FREE.

If you haven't yet, sign up on each link, and receive lots of credits, solo ads, banner ads, and text link ads. Stay active each month, and you'll burp with even more treasures!

Oh, and yes, please promote these sites, too, so you get referrals, and you and admin will be happy -- and grateful.

Can't advertise to an empty stadium.

So, help admin build the site by promoting, too!

After all, we get their stuff for FREE.

Manners, manners, manners.

Click the links, not the banners*.

*In case you're wondering what kind of marketer I am, not allowing you to click the banners, well, let me tell you a short story, that nearly cost me my mother blog. I taught myself how to navigate these blogs, but accidentally tapped the wrong button once, and Google got all upset and nervous and sent notice. I wrote to them it was an honest mistake, that I didn't mean it. After a year (or maybe a few months), tech wrote me an email, apologizing. Newbie vindicated. But you see, wrong clicks set off warnings. Lesson learned: don't mess around with HTML, especially if you know zilch about it. So, hands off from my end. Peace reigned, 16 blogs later.

And now, for terra firma FREE advertising!