Saturday, May 16, 2020

Kamote and Marketing

What has kamote (sweet potato) got to do with marketing?

Beats me.

Same question I asked when I was researching on this humble, but delicious, root crop from my country, the Philippines, and got "led" to this "Let's Plant Kamote" article instead.


What has one of my country's most elite real estate developers got to do with the "lowly" kamote I love so much?

Beats me.

But, that's marketing.

And surely, for reasons known only to their marketing and communications people.

I figure, they sell land, condos, mall spaces, top subdivisions, so perhaps, they thought going genuinely humble is a good marketing strategy.

Whatever their intention, I read it, and loved it.

And the coolest part is that this real estate developer gave the simplest and most "down-to-earth" way to plant kamote, without all the scientific or complicated explanation.

That, I like.

All of a sudden, I feel I can plant kamote, too!

That's effective marketing.

An elite developer features one of the most humble root crops on its website, despite the incongruity.

Funny thing is I'm familiar with this developer -- first hand -- as I was once tenant at one of their malls in 1995.

They're wonderful landlords, even as they took a tiny percentage of my gross proceeds each month.

Something I didn't mind at all.

They also audited me once, and found an over-payment on my part.

I didn't know of the over-payment, till I got a check and letter for that.

So, I'm pretty glad this large corporation looked upon the lowly kamote, and gave it a fitting page.

That says much about this corporation.

If only the kamote could speak, it would sing praises, too.

I'm still shaking my head about it, though, still stunned.

A large developer paying attention to kamote.

Would other companies do that?

Perhaps, they'll latch on to potatoes, turnips, purple yams -- all delicious, hardy, starchy root crops.

May the intentions always be sound, that's all.

Consumers are pretty smart folks.

Or, are they?