Wednesday, May 13, 2020

I Am Guilty of the Shiny Ball Syndrome

If you mean loving new design, then yes, I am guilty of the "shiny ball syndrome".

If you mean getting excited about new mail and surf sites, yes, I'm as guilty, too.

If you mean going ga-ga over new tech gadgets and all that, nope, not guilty.

If you mean wanting to have the latest fashion, not guilty, too.

I'm just a sucker for good design.

Like what Katrina Graham created here.

Or how Randy Ottmann transformed his site here.

Or liking this quirky surf site.

How about what Ivan Golemdzhiyski did to his site here.

That gets me all excited, and intrigued.

So, I sign up, check the site, and start advertising.

And yes, even promoting their sites.

When I believe in something, I do my "unsolicited marketing"-- wherein you don't even ask me to promote your site.

I just do.

If you're like me, who's a child-like designer, researcher, writer, and marketer, you'd be interested in many things.

You tend to observe everything around you.

So many beautiful things.

So little time.

Thus, I have to make intelligent use of my time and resources, lest I be all caught up, and not accomplish anything.

I am guilty of the shiny ball syndrome, because I do research.

How else can I find out about sites that rock here?

How else can I feature, and document, all marketers that intrigue me here?

How else can I have created this new blog you're reading right now?

I have to have a shiny ball syndrome mind, wherein whatever intrigues me as an artist and marketer, I act upon.

I check it out.

And if I'm wrong, which happens every now and then, well, I simply correct myself.

Life is all about taking chances.

Perhaps, I take the risks, so I can warn you, if that's what's needed.

The rest of the time, I share what works, or what seems to work.

Nothing's permanent.

Nothing's really predictable.

Things get ironic, and sometimes ridiculous -- just when you think you've got it all mapped out.

That's when I laugh at myself the hardest.

I speak from an artist's and entrepreneur's heart, and as a child of God, closely attuned with the Holy Spirit (the One I call HS, for short).

I have to have a shiny ball syndrome heart, so I can check which sites, programs, products, and services are true to form.

And then, I "report" back to you, through my blogs, and posts.

So, yes, I'm guilty of chasing after all these new and re-newed stuff all around me.

And you know what?

Don't be guilty.

If you're like me, intrigued by everything, isn't that okay, too?

We have to look upon life as curious, happy kids, forever intrigued and excited by everything around us.

After all, when kids get bored, or things don't rock as they thought it would, they merely drop it, or move on to the next new toy, or game.

Anything wrong with that?

Growing brains and expanding hearts need to experiment.

Have no guilt.

Enjoy the process instead.

I always do.

It's not always about the money.

It's also about the things we learn.

Sure, I lost quite a bundle of money, too.

Newbies often do.

But that was then.

Now? I'm a wee bit wiser, a bit more careful, a bit more discerning, not wasteful, but still as excited, and eager.

That's the energy I have.

I'm always creating and inventing.

My eyes are a couple of shiny balls themselves.

So, I guess, you can also say I've got balls.