Tuesday, May 12, 2020

FREE JV Mailers

I started becoming a member of JV sites in 2017, with my first marketing blog.

Like I said in that article, I like these sites because, they're:

1. FUN to use.
2. EASY to use.
3. FREE to join, and have
4. GREAT potential for earning and learning.

And since I'm a practical marketer, the sites below are what I use mostly for mailing my promotions, fuss-free:

Solo Ad Now
Opal Solo Ads
Merrygoround Ads
Sugar Text Ads
Real Time Script Store
Mail Dreams
Free Solo Ad Club

Of course, there are so many others, but I tend to stick with the ones I first started with.

Four out of seven of those served me well all these years.

They have strong, steady, caring owners and admins, and you can mail at least once a day.

Sign up for FREE, and you receive lots of credits, solo ads, banner ads, and text link ads.

If you're a new marketer, it's certainly a good idea to start with JV sites, like I did, so you can mail and market simply, efficiently, and effectively.

I'm all for simple stuff.

I hope you are, too!