Thursday, May 14, 2020

Faith and Marketing

What has faith got to do with marketing?

First off, what is faith?

Aha, HS and I can tell you much about that.

Believing, without seeing.

A deep conviction for things.

Faith could be any of these things:

1. Faith in yourself.
2. Faith in God.
3. Faith in others.

Of course, if you work with the Holy Spirit (HS), then you'd know #2 becomes #1.

Faith in God comes first for me.

Everything springs from that, touching every aspect of my life and work.

Before I became a born-again Christian in the fall of 2019, I had always believed that work has to stand on its own merits.

And now that I am a Spirit-guided worker, all the more that holds true.

Yup, if it's basically good, and sound, you don't have to overdo it.

You don't need to over-sell.

You don't need to over-design.

You don't need to over-communicate.

You don't need to over-think.

Trust. Faith. Patience.

Something that's founded in God, with only Him as your perpetual GUIDE, will stand on its own merits, whatever people do with it.

They can turn your product, or service, this way, and that, even try to destroy it (greedy and jealous marketers do that), and yet it holds its own.

It has lasting value.

It reflects intelligence, that can come from God alone.

I once wrote esoteric stuff for a national women's magazine in the Philippines in 2002, and I remember comparing faith to planting a seed.

You plant a seed you want to see grow.

You prepare the soil, water the plant, and basically leave it alone.

You don't keep checking if it's growing.

Depending on the type of plant, the weather you have, and your temperament, the plant will reflect that.

No need to dig up the soil all over again, checking if it's "taking root".

The secret is in leaving things alone.

Let nature take care of her own.

Compare that concept with the work you do.

If you have confidence (faith) in yourself, and in the work you do, you can just do your best, and really just let God take care of the rest.

If your work (or marketing) is meant to take root in people, communities, or organizations, it will.

All you need to do is do your best.

Don't tamper with a good thing.

If your marketing foundation's good, your work will be on solid ground.

If nothing shows up, like sales or conversion, well, do the famous "entrepreneur" thing.

Make little adjustments, or oftentimes, you start all over again.

Maybe, your idea sucks.

Maybe, your organization sucks.

Maybe, God doesn't want your product, or service, on the map.

He loves all of us equally, why would He want us to destroy or manipulate each other?

We must not take things personally.

Review the foundation you have.

Check the intentions.

Don't "track" people like animals.

That doesn't signify faith.

That signifies a lack of it.

Only God is in control.

All of us?

We're all out of control.

And don't scoff at "shiny ball syndromes".

How else are you going to know what works, or not?

To be in the world of business, you have to be inventor, salesman, and entrepreneur.

You also have to have a robust heart, a strong mind, and a life totally dedicated to God, in order to survive the slings and arrows, the misses and spills, and yet not grow a watermelon head when you experience success.

Be prepared to stand alone, if you have to.

Revolutionary marketers serving God, are pioneers.

We're not the most-liked, nor the most-famous, neither are we the most-followed, but we sure sleep well at night.

We don't care to be followed.

Follow Christ, for we follow Him.

That's revolutionary marketing.

Most of all, you've got to have the right dose of love, passion, patience, intelligence (knowing when to leave things alone), diligence, faith, and perseverance.

Despite all education and marketing systems invented by man, there's really no cut-and-dried formula to succeed and to become happy (and content), except for doing the best you can each day, each moment, and following the Laws of Christ (the Bible).

Make God your Source for EVERYTHING, and all else will follow.

If God doesn't want you to make mega-bucks, then accept that.

In God's World, there are no mega-bucks anyway.

There's mega-faith, mega-love, mega-compassion.

How about it?

In these covid crisis days, work is being re-invented.

Marketing is being re-invented.

Connect with God, and you will connect well with what you're meant to do on this earth.

You will be guided, accordingly.

And surely, it's not to put one over our brothers and sisters.

Which, many marketing companies, institutions, and organizations are unashamedly guilty of.

Create marketing with God, and faith, in your heart.

All else follows.

You really must try working for His Majesty's Open Service.

The rewards will be great.

Plus, there's no need to "market".

What would God need that for?

Work, and marketing, must stand on its own merits.

That reflects the faith you have in God, in yourself, and others.

Let the dark, seeming-quiet "soil" of creativity and Creation -- guided by the Creator -- reveal the soul of things.

Your soul is your soil.

Would useful things grow from the fertility of your heart?

Have faith, my dear brothers and sisters!

Let God do His mighty work in you!

P.S. A good example of FAITH:
I believe in this article I wrote so much, for it is powered by Spirit alone, so I decided to mail it to even just eight, yes 8, members of a site that has not found an admin yet, but owner Kenny Lessing already allows for new members to mail. Cool, huh! Little things, little gestures -- that's FAITH! Previously, I also used the mailer of a new site, even as I was only its 22nd member. Well, now, that site has 53 members! That's FAITH in each other, and in God. Little acorns become mighty oak trees. God made it possible, through each one of us.