Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Beautiful Headers and Banners on Love My Adz

It was a pretty site to begin with, but Katrina Graham toyed around with even cooler graphics, really wowing me with the header she created for her beloved Love My Adz mailer.

Here's what she says about her sites "New Look":

"I worked hard on some graphics. I really love the Gold. It was time for a change and a smaller header. I also made some banners to match."

And you think she's done?

Nope, she wanted new splash pages, too!

"I have also made some more professional looking splash pages. These were fun to do as far as choosing colors. I learned a few new tricks and I am quite happy with the outcome."

Well, she definitely did a magnificent job, even I, trained in Architecture, couldn't have done any better!

She created that beautiful header with the marvelous colors, images, and set up with aplomb!

I always go nuts about superb design.

I mean, who wouldn't want to mail here?

I love cheerful stuff, and Katrina created exactly what I liked and appreciated.

Design such as hers truly comes from the heart.

Do things with love, and that's the result.

Join us on her beautiful site, sign up now on Love My Adz, and enjoy all the generous advertising Katrina will award you, soon as you sign up -- for FREE!

Of course, I had to put her 728 x 90 banner here on this new blog of mine. Check the end of this article. Fits my blog concept to a "T".