Tuesday, May 12, 2020

All HS, No BS

One other article before I go deep into the world of FREE advertising.

Since I'm powered by the Holy Spirit, it's all HS here, ya hear?

No BS, for sure.

This marketer didn't get this far, creating another blog, among so many other blogs (sigh), only to waste your time.

Nope, all my blogs waste mine.


I'm really just a happy marketer.

I love ideas.

I love creating stuff.

I love sharing what I know.

Whether you care for it, or not.

I figure, if you like it, you'll stick around.

If you don't, well, why are you still hovering over there?

I write, when the HS inspires me.

Of course, it took my whole life to get to this crazy point.

Without the humbling spokes of the HS on my once-proud spirit, I won't be here playing, laughing, creating -- all excited to share my knowledge (really?), and everything the HS wants me to tell you.

Spirit is air, so I guess God needed my solid, funky body to tell you these things.

The HS is the only air that's not hot air.

The rest of us are.

If you can shoulder that, well, you're on the right blog.

For, on this blog, it's all about sharing my ideas and experiences fast, for the HS is turbo-charged, and this human body's got to keep up with it.

Also, I share only those that have passed the HS' "good housekeeping" seal of approval haha.

The HS saw through my heart, and found a few things that may just cut it.

So, those are the things I'd love to share with you, granted that you'll listen.

And even if you don't, well, I'm on a roll, I've got to write, and no, I don't earn a cent from all these.

Well, except if you join the FREE advertising sites, or whatever cool ideas I may have here, and I earn a bit of affiliate return from all that.

And if you know anything about affiliate marketing, you've got to sell TON loads of products and services, before you can cash in, so don't stress it, okay?

I won't get rich earning from all that.

I'm already RICH!

I've got the Holy Spirit in my heart.

No bull.

Okay, I guess I'm gonna share the FREE advertising now on the next posts.

Spirit's hot, and I'm on it!


P.S. In case you missed the INTRODUCTION -- "The Hip Marketer".