Saturday, May 16, 2020

Kamote and Marketing

What has kamote (sweet potato) got to do with marketing?

Beats me.

Same question I asked when I was researching on this humble, but delicious, root crop from my country, the Philippines, and got "led" to this "Let's Plant Kamote" article instead.


What has one of my country's most elite real estate developers got to do with the "lowly" kamote I love so much?

Beats me.

But, that's marketing.

And surely, for reasons known only to their marketing and communications people.

I figure, they sell land, condos, mall spaces, top subdivisions, so perhaps, they thought going genuinely humble is a good marketing strategy.

Whatever their intention, I read it, and loved it.

And the coolest part is that this real estate developer gave the simplest and most "down-to-earth" way to plant kamote, without all the scientific or complicated explanation.

That, I like.

All of a sudden, I feel I can plant kamote, too!

That's effective marketing.

An elite developer features one of the most humble root crops on its website, despite the incongruity.

Funny thing is I'm familiar with this developer -- first hand -- as I was once tenant at one of their malls in 1995.

They're wonderful landlords, even as they took a tiny percentage of my gross proceeds each month.

Something I didn't mind at all.

They also audited me once, and found an over-payment on my part.

I didn't know of the over-payment, till I got a check and letter for that.

So, I'm pretty glad this large corporation looked upon the lowly kamote, and gave it a fitting page.

That says much about this corporation.

If only the kamote could speak, it would sing praises, too.

I'm still shaking my head about it, though, still stunned.

A large developer paying attention to kamote.

Would other companies do that?

Perhaps, they'll latch on to potatoes, turnips, purple yams -- all delicious, hardy, starchy root crops.

May the intentions always be sound, that's all.

Consumers are pretty smart folks.

Or, are they?

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Faith and Marketing

What has faith got to do with marketing?

First off, what is faith?

Aha, HS and I can tell you much about that.

Believing, without seeing.

A deep conviction for things.

Faith could be any of these things:

1. Faith in yourself.
2. Faith in God.
3. Faith in others.

Of course, if you work with the Holy Spirit (HS), then you'd know #2 becomes #1.

Faith in God comes first for me.

Everything springs from that, touching every aspect of my life and work.

Before I became a born-again Christian in the fall of 2019, I had always believed that work has to stand on its own merits.

And now that I am a Spirit-guided worker, all the more that holds true.

Yup, if it's basically good, and sound, you don't have to overdo it.

You don't need to over-sell.

You don't need to over-design.

You don't need to over-communicate.

You don't need to over-think.

Trust. Faith. Patience.

Something that's founded in God, with only Him as your perpetual GUIDE, will stand on its own merits, whatever people do with it.

They can turn your product, or service, this way, and that, even try to destroy it (greedy and jealous marketers do that), and yet it holds its own.

It has lasting value.

It reflects intelligence, that can come from God alone.

I once wrote esoteric stuff for a national women's magazine in the Philippines in 2002, and I remember comparing faith to planting a seed.

You plant a seed you want to see grow.

You prepare the soil, water the plant, and basically leave it alone.

You don't keep checking if it's growing.

Depending on the type of plant, the weather you have, and your temperament, the plant will reflect that.

No need to dig up the soil all over again, checking if it's "taking root".

The secret is in leaving things alone.

Let nature take care of her own.

Compare that concept with the work you do.

If you have confidence (faith) in yourself, and in the work you do, you can just do your best, and really just let God take care of the rest.

If your work (or marketing) is meant to take root in people, communities, or organizations, it will.

All you need to do is do your best.

Don't tamper with a good thing.

If your marketing foundation's good, your work will be on solid ground.

If nothing shows up, like sales or conversion, well, do the famous "entrepreneur" thing.

Make little adjustments, or oftentimes, you start all over again.

Maybe, your idea sucks.

Maybe, your organization sucks.

Maybe, God doesn't want your product, or service, on the map.

He loves all of us equally, why would He want us to destroy or manipulate each other?

We must not take things personally.

Review the foundation you have.

Check the intentions.

Don't "track" people like animals.

That doesn't signify faith.

That signifies a lack of it.

Only God is in control.

All of us?

We're all out of control.

And don't scoff at "shiny ball syndromes".

How else are you going to know what works, or not?

To be in the world of business, you have to be inventor, salesman, and entrepreneur.

You also have to have a robust heart, a strong mind, and a life totally dedicated to God, in order to survive the slings and arrows, the misses and spills, and yet not grow a watermelon head when you experience success.

Be prepared to stand alone, if you have to.

Revolutionary marketers serving God, are pioneers.

We're not the most-liked, nor the most-famous, neither are we the most-followed, but we sure sleep well at night.

We don't care to be followed.

Follow Christ, for we follow Him.

That's revolutionary marketing.

Most of all, you've got to have the right dose of love, passion, patience, intelligence (knowing when to leave things alone), diligence, faith, and perseverance.

Despite all education and marketing systems invented by man, there's really no cut-and-dried formula to succeed and to become happy (and content), except for doing the best you can each day, each moment, and following the Laws of Christ (the Bible).

Make God your Source for EVERYTHING, and all else will follow.

If God doesn't want you to make mega-bucks, then accept that.

In God's World, there are no mega-bucks anyway.

There's mega-faith, mega-love, mega-compassion.

How about it?

In these covid crisis days, work is being re-invented.

Marketing is being re-invented.

Connect with God, and you will connect well with what you're meant to do on this earth.

You will be guided, accordingly.

And surely, it's not to put one over our brothers and sisters.

Which, many marketing companies, institutions, and organizations are unashamedly guilty of.

Create marketing with God, and faith, in your heart.

All else follows.

You really must try working for His Majesty's Open Service.

The rewards will be great.

Plus, there's no need to "market".

What would God need that for?

Work, and marketing, must stand on its own merits.

That reflects the faith you have in God, in yourself, and others.

Let the dark, seeming-quiet "soil" of creativity and Creation -- guided by the Creator -- reveal the soul of things.

Your soul is your soil.

Would useful things grow from the fertility of your heart?

Have faith, my dear brothers and sisters!

Let God do His mighty work in you!

P.S. A good example of FAITH:
I believe in this article I wrote so much, for it is powered by Spirit alone, so I decided to mail it to even just eight, yes 8, members of a site that has not found an admin yet, but owner Kenny Lessing already allows for new members to mail. Cool, huh! Little things, little gestures -- that's FAITH! Previously, I also used the mailer of a new site, even as I was only its 22nd member. Well, now, that site has 53 members! That's FAITH in each other, and in God. Little acorns become mighty oak trees. God made it possible, through each one of us.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

I Am Guilty of the Shiny Ball Syndrome

If you mean loving new design, then yes, I am guilty of the "shiny ball syndrome".

If you mean getting excited about new mail and surf sites, yes, I'm as guilty, too.

If you mean going ga-ga over new tech gadgets and all that, nope, not guilty.

If you mean wanting to have the latest fashion, not guilty, too.

I'm just a sucker for good design.

Like what Katrina Graham created here.

Or how Randy Ottmann transformed his site here.

Or liking this quirky surf site.

How about what Ivan Golemdzhiyski did to his site here.

That gets me all excited, and intrigued.

So, I sign up, check the site, and start advertising.

And yes, even promoting their sites.

When I believe in something, I do my "unsolicited marketing"-- wherein you don't even ask me to promote your site.

I just do.

If you're like me, who's a child-like designer, researcher, writer, and marketer, you'd be interested in many things.

You tend to observe everything around you.

So many beautiful things.

So little time.

Thus, I have to make intelligent use of my time and resources, lest I be all caught up, and not accomplish anything.

I am guilty of the shiny ball syndrome, because I do research.

How else can I find out about sites that rock here?

How else can I feature, and document, all marketers that intrigue me here?

How else can I have created this new blog you're reading right now?

I have to have a shiny ball syndrome mind, wherein whatever intrigues me as an artist and marketer, I act upon.

I check it out.

And if I'm wrong, which happens every now and then, well, I simply correct myself.

Life is all about taking chances.

Perhaps, I take the risks, so I can warn you, if that's what's needed.

The rest of the time, I share what works, or what seems to work.

Nothing's permanent.

Nothing's really predictable.

Things get ironic, and sometimes ridiculous -- just when you think you've got it all mapped out.

That's when I laugh at myself the hardest.

I speak from an artist's and entrepreneur's heart, and as a child of God, closely attuned with the Holy Spirit (the One I call HS, for short).

I have to have a shiny ball syndrome heart, so I can check which sites, programs, products, and services are true to form.

And then, I "report" back to you, through my blogs, and posts.

So, yes, I'm guilty of chasing after all these new and re-newed stuff all around me.

And you know what?

Don't be guilty.

If you're like me, intrigued by everything, isn't that okay, too?

We have to look upon life as curious, happy kids, forever intrigued and excited by everything around us.

After all, when kids get bored, or things don't rock as they thought it would, they merely drop it, or move on to the next new toy, or game.

Anything wrong with that?

Growing brains and expanding hearts need to experiment.

Have no guilt.

Enjoy the process instead.

I always do.

It's not always about the money.

It's also about the things we learn.

Sure, I lost quite a bundle of money, too.

Newbies often do.

But that was then.

Now? I'm a wee bit wiser, a bit more careful, a bit more discerning, not wasteful, but still as excited, and eager.

That's the energy I have.

I'm always creating and inventing.

My eyes are a couple of shiny balls themselves.

So, I guess, you can also say I've got balls.

Beautiful Headers and Banners on Love My Adz

It was a pretty site to begin with, but Katrina Graham toyed around with even cooler graphics, really wowing me with the header she created for her beloved Love My Adz mailer.

Here's what she says about her sites "New Look":

"I worked hard on some graphics. I really love the Gold. It was time for a change and a smaller header. I also made some banners to match."

And you think she's done?

Nope, she wanted new splash pages, too!

"I have also made some more professional looking splash pages. These were fun to do as far as choosing colors. I learned a few new tricks and I am quite happy with the outcome."

Well, she definitely did a magnificent job, even I, trained in Architecture, couldn't have done any better!

She created that beautiful header with the marvelous colors, images, and set up with aplomb!

I always go nuts about superb design.

I mean, who wouldn't want to mail here?

I love cheerful stuff, and Katrina created exactly what I liked and appreciated.

Design such as hers truly comes from the heart.

Do things with love, and that's the result.

Join us on her beautiful site, sign up now on Love My Adz, and enjoy all the generous advertising Katrina will award you, soon as you sign up -- for FREE!

Of course, I had to put her 728 x 90 banner here on this new blog of mine. Check the end of this article. Fits my blog concept to a "T".

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The Site That Keeps On Giving

Am I lucky, or what?

Nah, I think Evija and Graham, the Owner/Admin of Over the Rainbow Mailer,are just plain kind, and sweet.

I mean, I was about to go to bed after a day's work, only to find -- to my great surprise -- that they had awarded me with a "Random Cash Payment" directly to my PayPal account, even as they have been giving us members rewards quite often every day, depending on our input, too.

You see, all I do is mail, put in my ads, read other members' mails (for they've got cool stuff, too!), click the banners and text link ads, follow instructions, and promote their site.

It's my form of unsolicited marketing.

I just do the work, I guess.

Still, my quirky experience in marketing has been that sometimes, some surprise shows up, even if I thought I had not really done anything.

That's the irony of things, plus, of course, I got into the company of great owners and admins who probably see I do some work, too.

I was admin of two sites once, and I do know the work in the back office.

All I know is, if I like a site, and I feel its great potential, I start joining and promoting.

I take the initiative when I believe in a program that looks sound.

Of course, I do a lot of research, and put in the time, for I must test things first before I share it with everyone.

Well, Over the Rainbow Mailer is exactly what I thought it would be -- an awesome mailer with an amazing owner and admin in the person of Evija and Graham.

Let this article be my way of thanking them for appreciating my little efforts, too!

I've been working with Spirit, and I've lost all obsession with money.

And again, maybe that's the irony.

Don't focus on it, and it will come to you -- as Spirit sees fit.

Just do the work that needs to be done.

I've always believed that marketing is give and take.

Not fun if one does all the taking, and I sure am not comfortable doing that.

If anything, true marketers give beyond the norm.

It's true what I felt about this mailer -- I knew there lay a pot of gold at the end of its rainbow.

And to think I've just begun marketing this mailer, and I had already found a pot of gold in mid-stream.

If you're looking for a well-run mailer, with great potential for advertising reach (for there are many well-known marketers on board), and promising returns, you've got to join us, too!

Click this link, and do so now!

For starters, you receive 250 credits, 250 banner ads, and 250 text link ads.

That ought to propel your initial mailing and advertising.

Oh, and use the Promo Code Rainbow for more bonus credits and ads.

P.S. Take the 3-day FREE JV upgrade recommended by Evija and Graham. This will maximize your membership, and potential for earnings, and promotions. Such generosity must be put to good use!

I also thank the Admins for the lovely image I borrowed from their site to use here.

FREE JV Mailers

I started becoming a member of JV sites in 2017, with my first marketing blog.

Like I said in that article, I like these sites because, they're:

1. FUN to use.
2. EASY to use.
3. FREE to join, and have
4. GREAT potential for earning and learning.

And since I'm a practical marketer, the sites below are what I use mostly for mailing my promotions, fuss-free:

Solo Ad Now
Opal Solo Ads
Merrygoround Ads
Sugar Text Ads
Real Time Script Store
Mail Dreams
Free Solo Ad Club

Of course, there are so many others, but I tend to stick with the ones I first started with.

Four out of seven of those served me well all these years.

They have strong, steady, caring owners and admins, and you can mail at least once a day.

Sign up for FREE, and you receive lots of credits, solo ads, banner ads, and text link ads.

If you're a new marketer, it's certainly a good idea to start with JV sites, like I did, so you can mail and market simply, efficiently, and effectively.

I'm all for simple stuff.

I hope you are, too!

Terra Firma FREE Advertising

Granted that you prefer being grounded, here are FREE terra firma advertising for all your mails and promotions!

Sign up, confirm your e-mail address to activate your membership, and put in your ads.

Promote the admins' sites, too, for marketing is give and take.

Click the links below to view the sites, and join whichever you like!

Just so you know, Spirit and I only choose sites where admins are kind, generous, non-demanding, and their sites rock, and are super-easy to navigate.

Each site's different, too.

You can mail ANY time, or every few days, or so.

Check these!

1. Results Mailer
2. Linda's Free Mailer Plus
3. Bigmailer
4. Boxes of Traffic
5. Jones-Fritz Marketing
6. Over the Rainbow Mailer
7. Aquarian Mail
8. Edwin's Viral Mail Express
9. Instant Business Mailer
10. World Traffic Mailer
11. Atlas Safelist
12. Tezzer Mail
13. Rodeo Mailer
14. The Money List Mailer
15. Mail This List
16. Love My Adz
17. Ads For Marketers
18. Pizza Safelist Mailer

Your mailer/surf site not here?

Doncha worry, I've got you all covered.

If this crazy hip marketer's a member of your site, you can be pretty sure I've got you all lined up.

Un momento!

Next posts will feature other themes.

That's my surprise for all of you owners, admins, and marketers!

Partly, to THANK all of you for reading my posts, and for suffering alongside me, as your member.

Now, lemme work on them.

Next post is on FREE JV mailers.

Non-Terra Firma FREE Advertising

Terra firma means on dry, solid ground.

But I'm offering you space-themed advertising.

So, make do with Non-terra firma, yes, for want of a better word.

Even writers and marketers get stumped sometimes.

But the intention's sound.

I want you to take that transport and get your FREE advertising, and mail away!

Or just put in your banners and text link ads.

Do what you normally do.

I'm merely giving you a few vehicles here.

Here are the places you can advertise for FREE.

If you haven't yet, sign up on each link, and receive lots of credits, solo ads, banner ads, and text link ads. Stay active each month, and you'll burp with even more treasures!

Oh, and yes, please promote these sites, too, so you get referrals, and you and admin will be happy -- and grateful.

Can't advertise to an empty stadium.

So, help admin build the site by promoting, too!

After all, we get their stuff for FREE.

Manners, manners, manners.

Click the links, not the banners*.

*In case you're wondering what kind of marketer I am, not allowing you to click the banners, well, let me tell you a short story, that nearly cost me my mother blog. I taught myself how to navigate these blogs, but accidentally tapped the wrong button once, and Google got all upset and nervous and sent notice. I wrote to them it was an honest mistake, that I didn't mean it. After a year (or maybe a few months), tech wrote me an email, apologizing. Newbie vindicated. But you see, wrong clicks set off warnings. Lesson learned: don't mess around with HTML, especially if you know zilch about it. So, hands off from my end. Peace reigned, 16 blogs later.

And now, for terra firma FREE advertising!

All HS, No BS

One other article before I go deep into the world of FREE advertising.

Since I'm powered by the Holy Spirit, it's all HS here, ya hear?

No BS, for sure.

This marketer didn't get this far, creating another blog, among so many other blogs (sigh), only to waste your time.

Nope, all my blogs waste mine.


I'm really just a happy marketer.

I love ideas.

I love creating stuff.

I love sharing what I know.

Whether you care for it, or not.

I figure, if you like it, you'll stick around.

If you don't, well, why are you still hovering over there?

I write, when the HS inspires me.

Of course, it took my whole life to get to this crazy point.

Without the humbling spokes of the HS on my once-proud spirit, I won't be here playing, laughing, creating -- all excited to share my knowledge (really?), and everything the HS wants me to tell you.

Spirit is air, so I guess God needed my solid, funky body to tell you these things.

The HS is the only air that's not hot air.

The rest of us are.

If you can shoulder that, well, you're on the right blog.

For, on this blog, it's all about sharing my ideas and experiences fast, for the HS is turbo-charged, and this human body's got to keep up with it.

Also, I share only those that have passed the HS' "good housekeeping" seal of approval haha.

The HS saw through my heart, and found a few things that may just cut it.

So, those are the things I'd love to share with you, granted that you'll listen.

And even if you don't, well, I'm on a roll, I've got to write, and no, I don't earn a cent from all these.

Well, except if you join the FREE advertising sites, or whatever cool ideas I may have here, and I earn a bit of affiliate return from all that.

And if you know anything about affiliate marketing, you've got to sell TON loads of products and services, before you can cash in, so don't stress it, okay?

I won't get rich earning from all that.

I'm already RICH!

I've got the Holy Spirit in my heart.

No bull.

Okay, I guess I'm gonna share the FREE advertising now on the next posts.

Spirit's hot, and I'm on it!


P.S. In case you missed the INTRODUCTION -- "The Hip Marketer".

The Hip Marketer

When will I ever stop?

You know, like working, creating, inventing?


Coz I'm the Hip Marketer, the one who keeps going, no matter what.

Till there's life in my body, I'll keep working, and finding many ways to give service to all, only because:

I am powered by the Holy Spirit.

How else can I keep at this game of life all this time?

When you're aligned with the Holy Spirit, you're like a never-ending source of ideas.

I was born full of ideas.

Other people think I'm full of, never mind.

With the HS, I've become even crazier.

Like, I've got enough blogs to last me a life time, but no, I had to create this one.

Even as you're still regurgitating the last one.

It's been in my heart for a while, so had to create it.

And that cool dude with the briefcase, and spring to his step, had to be my image model.

Oh yeah!

The world can have their slick, botoxed models.

This dude's perfect for me!

Been using him for almost all of my online marketing now.

There's something about that spring to his step!

I first discovered him on 10 April 2020, for another blog.

After that, there was only a looking forward with this happy dude.

One look at that age-worn, happy face, and I knew he represented the spirit of my soul.

Huh, is there such a phrase?

The spirit of my soul?

Hmm...let me think about that.

Just came out on its own, you know.

So, anyway, what's this new blog about?

I'll share with you all I learned about marketing -- online and offline.

I may even share stuff about retail, design, entrepreneurship -- all the stuff I've been into.

I'll also give you cool ways to advertise online -- for FREE!

I'll even give you writing and communication tips.

I'll make things really easy for you -- for you deserve it.


Okay, just click whatever links and titles there are around on this blog, for they'll take you places.

But first, let me create them.

And speaking of places, I better take you to a place where you need to be transported right now.

Some out of this world places, where you can show off your marketing.

Might as well wow the aliens!

Head over to the next post, then!

See ya!